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How long is the school day?

The school day begins at 9.00 and ends at 15.30. Children are welcomed from 8:30. On Wednesdays, school ends at 12.30, following Belgian custom. The school year runs from the beginning of September to the end of June.


Is there a school uniform?

There is no school uniform. For PE, a T-shirt and sweatshirt will be given to each student upon entry.


Is there additional English language?

Our Learning Support team provides English as an Additional Language (EAL) to children according to their individual needs. Children usually attend these lessons in small group with children of their level of proficiency. This is free of charge.


Do the students have access to new technologies?

We have a well-equipped media centre.  Students develop an affinity with Information and Communications Technology from the age of 4.  The students have guided access to the internet and are encouraged to use it as an efficient resource of learning and enquiry. Each class has a couple of iPads they can use as a learning tool. An additional set of 10 iPads is also available. They will be used to support specific research/learning project in English, Numeracy and IPC learning activities through cooperative learning.


Is French taught at all levels?

Students begin learning French in Pre-school and, as they move through the school, we offer a programme that is tailored to the level of proficiency of each student.


Where does the teaching staff come from?

The school is proud of its qualified and widely experienced teaching staff, drawn from a range of national teaching systems.  Together, the teachers work to provide a positive climate of learning.  They are constantly engaged in a process of assessment and evaluation with each of the students, shared on a regular basis with their parents.


What provision is made for their physical well-being?

All students participate in a weekly programme of physical education. Class 3,4 and 5 will have swimming lessons for half a year and PE for the other half.


Do you offer after-school clubs?

Clubs form an important part of school life.  We offer a wide range of after-school activities.  Registration takes place on a termly basis.


Will my child be able to transfer on?

BEPS is a member of the European Council of International Schools ( and the Council of English Speaking Schools in the Benelux (CESSIB).  Through this network of schools and liaisons with the national schooling systems, we ensure that our students transfer successfully and are well prepared to face the challenges of a new school.


The curriculum at BEPS has been recognised by the Communauté française.

"26 JANVIER 2012. - Arrêté du Gouvernement de la Communauté française reconnaissant l'enseignement dispensé par la « BEPS International School » comme permettant de satisfaire à l'obligation scolaire conformément à l'article 3 du décret du 25 avril 2008 fixant les conditions pour pouvoir satisfaire à l'obligation scolaire en dehors de l'enseignement organisé ou subventionné par la Communauté française, p. 13836."




Does the school provide after school care?

A garderie service runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3.45pm to 6.00pm, on Wednesdays from 12.30 - 3pm. Teachers in the school run this for all children that attend BEPS.  It is organised by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and is run for the benefit of parents.

Children have access to the playground in good weather and are encouraged to complete their homework whilst they are attending the garderie.



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