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BEPS International School Brussels: Curriculum


The BEPS community includes families from different cultural backgrounds who instill diversity into our school.  We value and encourage the individual contributions that our students bring with them and understand that these should be reflected through their learning experiences.
To ensure this BEPS offers the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which is 
recognised internationally as a programme that challenges children to reach their individual potential by offering, “Great Learning, Great Teaching, Great Fun”. 
Children's learning is the central purpose of everything connected with BEPS and the 
IPC.  Helping children learn - academically, socially, emotionally and physically is our real purpose.
“What children learn should respect the past but should be of help to them in their 
future lives. Children's learning must respond to their current and future personal 
needs, their future career needs and the needs of the varied societies and cultural groups in which they are likely to play a part.

Learning needs to be active, in the 
sense that children must engage with their own learning.  For primary children, this 
means that learning which is relevant to the future must be placed in a context that is meaningful to their present lives. Children need to share responsibility for their learning with their teachers, parents and carers.  Nevertheless, learning must be constructed in such a way that, by the end of the primary years, children begin to see and experience 
the potential for taking responsibility for their own learning.”
For further information on the IPC please visit their website

In addition strong literacy and numeracy programmes are thought using the National Curriculum for England  
Specialist teachers support further children in French, Physical Education, Music and ICT